So in love – 60 years on

You could see from the moment you walked into the room that they were in love.  Not just in love,  but smitten.  He sat on the edge of  her bed,  his mottled head covered by a cap,  and ever so delicately stroked her hands  while her eyes returned the love.
For  anybody watching, their love-locked  embrace transcended  everything else: The woman [...]

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Dealing with endings

Have you experienced an ending lately?
Endings are a natural, inevitable part of life.
Whether these endings come about in our jobs and careers, love and family life or other aspects of our social, recreational and community life, there is an inevitable emotional response.
Change and endings can be subtle – sometimes we don’t even realise that we are going through an internal [...]

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This is a coup

Dear Labour Party caucus members,
This is a coup. Please move away from your desks and tables with your hands in the air. No sudden movements please.
I’m sorry it’s had to come to this, but you can no longer be trusted to get things right. Many of you are good people, talented people. I even like quite a few of you. [...]

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Dear PM: Come and live my life for a while…

In the early ’90s Auckland University economics professor Susan St John spoke about the ongoing impacts of Rogernomics and its even more extreme version,  Ruthanasia,  with its smug and deeply insensitive branding,  ‘Mother of All Budgets’. Just over 20 years later, a fragment of what she said remains as a concern.
St John worried that if Governments with free market policies [...]

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This month in History – October

*  GST Act comes into force
*  ‘Slice of Heaven’ hits No 1
*  First Maori team plays UK
*  The Jandal comes on the scene
*  Young Nick sights land
*  Von Luckner – ‘Sea Devil’
*  Stan Graham runs amok
*  The end of the ‘six o’clock swill’
*  Waitangi Tribunal created
*  First Cobb and Co coach service
*  Flu pandemic 1918
*  Maori land march
*  ‘Mr Asia’ [...]

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I am a Luddite

Chris HoranLuddite – the word has become synonymous with ridiculous. Who but a fool would protest against labour-saving machinery? Of course, we should now be aware that the term labour-saving carries with it a considerable amount of political spin. One could with equal logic use [...]

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How to take a good nap

New findings on napping will come as  a bit of a yawn to Latins, accustomed as they are to the Siesta. The much maligned nap has been getting  renewed support from medical  researchers who are exploring its refreshing qualities – while also warning that daytime sleepiness, and napping to relieve it, can also be a sign of a health problem.
Harvard [...]

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