I, John Key

When is a Prime Minister a political person and when is he  the voice of the nation?
Opening the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington on April 18, John Key said: “I feel proud of the decision to make Pukeahu a reality…
“The commitment and dedication that has gone into creating this space reflects how strongly everyone involved wanted to ensure […]

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The Open Source Everything Manifesto – book review

indexAuthor Robert David Steele
Published by Evolver Editions 2012
Reviewed by John Railton)
Steele used to work as a professional intelligence officer(spy) with the CIA . In 1988 he was given the job of helping to create the Marine Corps Intelligence Centre. He realised while doing this that the US government was only interested […]

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in Climate Change… in Climate Change

After the world cricket cup superhyperbole comes heroic Gallipoli. Periodically New Zealand mutates into Jingoland.
On Saturday our soldier Governor-General and non-soldier Prime Minister open the Pukeahu National War Memorial Park. That day Te Papa launches “Gallipoli: The scale of our war”, designed by Weta Workshop’s Sir Richard Taylor, with videos.
That collaboration exemplifies Te Papa chief executive Rick Ellis’s entrepreneurship. Ellis […]

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Campbell Live, take a bow!

Paul SmithHere’s a question: do we learn more from watching the combined news hours of TVNZ, TV3 and Prime? Or from watching 30 minutes of Campbell Live?
Not hard really. Not when Campbell Live sets the agenda on child poverty and hunger, zero contracts,   the institutional inadequacies of those supposed to be […]

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Remembrance or…?

At the best of times ANZAC Day fails to inspire me with the patriotism and piety that television producers try so hard to instil in an audience they imagine as a block of sentiment devoid of thought. And while a centenary may be expected to be acknowledged, saturation coverage is tiresome, particularly when it glorifies an invasion of another country […]

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Don’t bother business…

Chris HoranTwo issues rarely out of the news: the shortage of affordable housing and the epidemic of type 2 diabetes. So serious are these problems that both major political parties are committed to solutions; as soon as more research is available, of course. In the meantime both have ready answers. Comfortably […]

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Hip tats – and ageing…

Robyn YI loathe tattoos. But, despite my abhorrence of them, I can see they could be the means of making a very comfortable retirement financially feasible for me. In about 10 years time, I plan to offer a quick, efficient and inexpensive tattoos removal service.
We are currently the most tattooed nation […]

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Prime Ministerial bloke or statesman?

testWhen should the Prime Minister be a bloke? And when a statesman?
On the day of Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral John Key chose bloke over statesman to be with the New Zealand cricket team at the world cup final against Australia. Australia’s Tony Abbott chose the funeral.
Leave aside the jinx factor, at which […]

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Probation on probation…?

Chris HoranNews that a probation officer is suing his department for altering his report to the parole board without his consent or knowledge makes intriguing reading.
According to the Herald on Sunday story (14 March) the subject of the report is a 22- year old man with drug, alcohol, anger and serious […]

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Cash and dash

Brian VinerThose machines they shove at you over the counter every time you purchase something, the card readers. The ones you have to slide your card up and down on the side so it can read your pin number. So be it, a box of matches, a cup of coffee, a newspaper – […]

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