Zero hours contracts

Chris HoranVarious UK publications, including The Guardian, have been investigating the growing numbers of employers who offer their workers zero hours contracts; described by some as a form of 21st-century serfdom.
Others contend that such contracts provide an opportunity for everyone, if used appropriately. According to [...]

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Brian VinerFood for thought.
And I am a foodie. A guest judge on the Australian show ‘My Kitchen Rules’ so there.
Or as it is known to us in the trade MKR .
So I was very interested when recently the little township I live in was blessed [...]

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Miscellany – April

What is it that makes our already infantilised media become even more so? A royal tour?   Not quite. A royal tour with a baby born to be King one day? That’s the one. If you want to see or hear drivel on a mass scale that’s the combo – and it comes with the redeeming  feature of taking us out [...]

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An A-Z of New Zealand traditions & Folklore by Gordon Ell
(Published by New Holland)

Remittance men
Living off a regular ‘remittance from families in Britain, on the condition that they never return from the colonies. Often ne’er-do-wells, many such  remittance men affected upper-class English manners and were consequently unpopular in bush camps and on the goldfields. Remittance men are often the butt [...]

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This month in History – mid April

*  First sod dug for North Island main trunk
*  First Maori MPs elected to Parliament
*  Mangatepopo canyoning disaster
*  NZ Rugby Union founded
*  Arthur Allan Thomas convicted of Crewe murders for a second time
*  Royal honour awarded to NZ woman for first time
*  Liberals ‘burst up’ Cheviot Estate
*  Mormon temple opens in Hamilton
*  First Golden Shears competition
*  Prince William meets ‘buzzy [...]

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Party of the future? Or a Dotcom bubble?

An aspiring Dotcom party member gushed in an email on Thursday: “A party that’s ALL about the future, not the past.” But is it?
Compare the Values party formed a few months before the 1972 election.
Values focused on the physical environment two years after a widely supported petition frightened a National government into retreating from building a high dam at Manapouri. [...]

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