Old, older, oldest

Excerpt from In Praise of Ageing by  Patricia Edgar
Ageing can be a humbling experience for those fortunate enough to have survived the accidents and exigencies that befall us in life. We complain about its physical effects but most of us agree ‘it’s better than the alternative’. In fact, increasing numbers of elders are enjoying their later years in ways which [...]

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Hard Wearing

Brian VinerSo what do we have planned for today, my very own personal Lifestyle Planner – full of life and fun as usual? What has your clever inventive mind planned for us today?
(You know, sometimes I detect a hint of sarcasm in these conversation openers [...]

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A certain age…

Paul SmithOne thing certain about reaching a Certain Age, is that nothing is  certain.
Sometimes it feels as if the ground  is shifting, things that are familiar become foreign, misplaced or  out of  context. Take  the sunnies I was wearing  recently as we drove,  appropriately enough  [...]

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An A-Z of New Zealand traditions & Folklore by Gordon Ell
(Published by New Holland)

Regarded by some as a delicacy, these oily seabirds are traditional food for both Maori and other New Zealand communities. The  birds are petrel of shearwaters, which come ashore to nest in burrows, where they, or their fat young are taken. Traditionally muttonbirds are preserved in their [...]

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This month in History – August

Maori becomes official language
Cook Islands achieve self-government
Cartwright Report condemns cervical cancer treatment
Lovelock wins 1500-m gold at Berlin
First train runs length of main trunk line
Wellington Battalion captures Chunuk Bair
Picton ferry Aramoana enters service
Baby-farmer Minnie Dean hanged
Death of David Lange

Names and dates, people and places, they vanish in the slipstream of daily life. But in this section and with the help of [...]

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Politicians who make us think

Chris HoranI sometimes regret that music never became a consuming interest in my life after childhood friends and the 1950s fell behind me. Science too, despite my awareness of its importance in life, I just can’t prop my eye-lids open long enough to understand it. [...]

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