On dishing the dirt

Paul SmithOn stage they looked like an odd couple. At the podium an elderly  man in an everyday suit and tie. To his right the speaker, in jersey and jeans, looking shy as if he didn’t really belong in the spotlight, didn’t deserve the thunderous [...]

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Political friends – and enemies

 In politics friends can sometimes be as big a risk as enemies. John Key’s chats with Cameron Slater/Whale Oil reflect two aspects of him which might in time gnaw at his popularity.
 One side is the cavalier. He got offside at the candidates meeting in his Helensville electorate by breaking the rules and talking of other parties’ policies. In Parliament’s question [...]

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To be or not to be

Brian Viner…that’s the question, although I have just committed the worst of crimes. I have caused someone to have missed the question.
Over the last few years a new obsession is gradually becoming a major influence in our lives – well, not so much my life, [...]

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Miscellany – mid August

Paul SmithDespair on the right…
What are other right wing bloggers saying about The Book and the  election? Bloggers other than the Nats’ sniper, Cameron Slater that is.
Well, on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon show this week, the urbane Mathew Hooton was almost in despair [...]

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In Praise of Ageing – Part 2

As we age we must prepare for life long activities which give us purpose. Abolishing compulsory retirement has been a positive step forward in recognising the need for people to remain active. But pressure is still applied to workers to move out of jobs as they age, despite evidence of older people performing well in responsible roles.   History records more [...]

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This month in History – August

*  The war is over!
*  Te Whiu hanged
*  Auckland pedestrian ‘Barnes Dance’
*  First ‘Farmer of the Year’
*  Assisted immigration resumes
*  Wellington steam tram
*  Parker-Hulme murders
*  Canterbury’s ‘Big Snow’
*  Death of Norman Kirk

15th August, 1945

The war is over! VJ Day
Japan’s surrender following the detonation of atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended the Second World War. More than 200,000 New [...]

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