Trailer Trash?

Chris HThe term is used by many Americans to dehumanise poor people who cannot afford to buy or rent a house or apartment. A handy disparagement if you believe there no excuse for being born poor or for falling on hard times. Furthermore, such circumstances are an individual matter, nothing [...]

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This month in History – November

*  Old Age Pension Act passes into law
*  NZ Division helps Allies break through at El Alamein
*  Birth of iconic Anchor butter brand
*  ‘Summer time’ reintroduced on trial basis
*  Phar Lap wins the Melbourne Cup
*  Last spike for North Island main trunk line
*  Public Service Act passed into law
*  NZ Centennial Exhibition opens
*  White New Zealand policy introduced
*  Armistice Day
*  [...]

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An A-Z of New Zealand traditions & Folklore by Gordon Ell
(Published by New Holland)

The burning of the Boyd
Remembered still by the huge romantic painting by Walter Wright in the Auckland Art Gallery, in which Maori in canoes surround a burning ship on Whangaroa Harbour. The Boyd was a convict transport, returning from Sydney in 1809 by way of the [...]

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A cure for Labour

Chris Horan I was listening to a radio interview featuring a farmer who has been  certified organic for 15 years. A drought caused him to buy in feed that was not organic. He lost his certification. He is not sure he is prepared to put himself through the 3-year certification [...]

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TV Anyone?

Brian VinerLife has changed for me since I’ve stopped watching television.
No, it’s not, and what’s more there is some amazingly good television around. Brilliant acting, brilliant scripts, great story lines.  Unfortunately none of it is made here and none of it shown on any of  our local television channels. Well come to [...]

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Extinction – what, us?

Paul SmithStrange to hear the word extinction of mankind even mentioned in the 21st century. But there it was – a question more than anything else in a conversation which began with the outbreaks of Ebola. What we didn’t know was that one of the greatest scientists of the late 20th century, [...]

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