What makes a national day? Not the ANZACs.

There will be much talk on Friday of “national identity”. Just one year short of the original baptism of the Anzacs, jingoism will be in fashion. Some will say, and many will think, it is our real national day.
The basis for this sentiment is some history and some myth: “heroism” and a degree of distancing from Britain – or at [...]

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Zero hours contracts

Chris HoranVarious UK publications, including The Guardian, have been investigating the growing numbers of employers who offer their workers zero hours contracts; described by some as a form of 21st-century serfdom.
Others contend that such contracts provide an opportunity for everyone, if used appropriately. According to [...]

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Brian VinerFood for thought.
And I am a foodie. A guest judge on the Australian show ‘My Kitchen Rules’ so there.
Or as it is known to us in the trade MKR .
So I was very interested when recently the little township I live in was blessed [...]

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Miscellany – April

What is it that makes our already infantilised media become even more so? A royal tour?   Not quite. A royal tour with a baby born to be King one day? That’s the one. If you want to see or hear drivel on a mass scale that’s the combo – and it comes with the redeeming  feature of taking us out [...]

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An A-Z of New Zealand traditions & Folklore by Gordon Ell
(Published by New Holland)

Remittance men
Living off a regular ‘remittance from families in Britain, on the condition that they never return from the colonies. Often ne’er-do-wells, many such  remittance men affected upper-class English manners and were consequently unpopular in bush camps and on the goldfields. Remittance men are often the butt [...]

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This month in History – mid April

*  First sod dug for North Island main trunk
*  First Maori MPs elected to Parliament
*  Mangatepopo canyoning disaster
*  NZ Rugby Union founded
*  Arthur Allan Thomas convicted of Crewe murders for a second time
*  Royal honour awarded to NZ woman for first time
*  Liberals ‘burst up’ Cheviot Estate
*  Mormon temple opens in Hamilton
*  First Golden Shears competition
*  Prince William meets ‘buzzy [...]

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