Jack the lad

Brian VinerI’ve always been a bit left wing, well perhaps a bit more than a bit, and it goes without saying I am not a very big respecter of authority. So it was something of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole when the Queen and the […]

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Miscellany mid December

Dancing for the brain…!
Ever feel you’re losing the plot? Can’t remember where you put things – most notoriously your glasses? And do you forget the names of people you know from time to time? Then relax. It’s what one expert describes as just part of ageing. Phew! For the one baby boomers most dread when it comes to this part […]

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Kiwiboomer gem: A man and his cross…

Church Street in Auckland’s Onehunga barely deserves the name, for there’s only one gleaming spire along its commercialised stretch. Not much here among the trucks ands vans roaring past to remind anyone of Christ, or Christmas coming.
But there, on its uneven footpath one day last week, was an extraordinary sight. A Polynesian man slowly dragging a white wooden cross past […]

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Songs of 50’s and 60’s Christmas – crossword

Here’s our crossword for Christmas:
Across:   3.  – – – – – – – – –  Dragnet by Stan Freberg
7.    – – – – – Christmas (the war is over) by John Lennon
8.    – – – – – – – Christmas by Snoopy and his friends
10.  – – – – – – Bells by The Singing Dogs
11.  – […]

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An A-Z of New Zealand traditions & Folklore by Gordon Ell
(Published by New Holland)

The King Country
Named for the political phenomenon of the Maori King movement.
In the late 1850s, several Maori tribes in the central North Island associated themselves under an elected king and parliament to oppose British settlers who wanted to buy their land. When British and colonial troops responded […]

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This month in History – mid December

* Poll tax on Chinese immigrants abolished
* New Zealand’s own Eiffel Tower opens
* Ten crew of Cook’s ship Adventure killed and eaten
* First contact between Maori and Europeans
* Waterfront strike ends
* NZ whalers harpoon their last victim
* Queen Elizabeth II arrives for summer tour
* Tangiwai railway disaster
* Sectarian violence in Canterbury
* Charles Darwin leaves NZ after 9-day visit
Names […]

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The big Little start to Labour’s rebuild

Can Grant Robertson count? Will Jacinda Ardern stick it out? What does an Andrew Little smile look like? Where does a theology degree fit in politics? Does any of this matter? Plenty think Labour is mere amusement or an historical relic awaiting embalming. They might have cause to think again.
One cause is Little.
He lost the party vote and the MPs’ […]

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