I am a Luddite

Chris HoranLuddite – the word has become synonymous with ridiculous. Who but a fool would protest against labour-saving machinery? Of course, we should now be aware that the term labour-saving carries with it a considerable amount of political spin. One could with equal logic use [...]

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A plea to the nation’s young…

I remember being young. It was a long time ago. I made so many stupid mistakes, and I said and did things I regret.
Most of all I regret the voting decisions I made. Back then I really had no idea about politics and politicians, but I felt compelled to cast my vote. People would tell me I was truly blessed [...]

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Miscellany mid September

A deafening silence on  Super 
By  now the die is probably cast for this election. It’s been one of the most exciting in memory but some issues have simply not been addressed with any zeal. Take  Super. Do politicians know, that along with the working poor, there is a large section of retired folk who make up the retired poor [...]

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Media bias?

Paul SmithAnybody else out there think that media – apart from outstanding exceptions like John Campbell, and Radio New Zealand’s editorial teams – have it in for Labour leader David Cunliffe?
Any notions of  editorial balance so necessary to good reporting, seem to have disappeared. Cunliffe slips on [...]

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Cunliffe waves Key aside in narrow Election Debate lead

The  special live Roy Morgan Scoop NZ Election Debate Reactor gave a narrow victory to Opposition Leader, David Cunliffe in this week’s third  leaders’ debate.
The Reactor showed men were clearly more impressed by Cunliffe’s defence of his handling of Labour’s capital gains tax proposal than women.
Cunliffe’s pledges about child poverty were also generally well received as was his hand waving [...]

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How to take a good nap

New findings on napping will come as  a bit of a yawn to Latins, accustomed as they are to the Siesta. The much maligned nap has been getting  renewed support from medical  researchers who are exploring its refreshing qualities – while also warning that daytime sleepiness, and napping to relieve it, can also be a sign of a health problem.
Harvard [...]

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In Praise of Ageing – Part 4

Reaching a century used to be a rare event but is now a growing phenomenon. People over 90 are the fastest growing population group in the country but we know very little about them. An ongoing study of more than 200 Sydney centenarians by the Centre for Health Brain Ageing at the University of New South Wales has found very [...]

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An A-Z of New Zealand traditions & Folklore by Gordon Ell
(Published by New Holland)

Massey’s Cossacks
The Conservative prime minister William Ferguson Massey (1856-1925) turned the mounted might of the Farmers’ Union onto the workers to break the 1913 General Strike. Sworn in as special constables, the farmers supported mounted police who overcame pickets with long batons and got the wharves open [...]

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This month in History – mid September

*  The Battle of Britain begins
*  ‘Originals’ kick off All Black tradition
*  Death penalty abolished
*  First state house
*  Women’s suffrage day
*  Mazengarb report
*  Domestic workers call for 68-hour week
*  NZ’s first grape vines planted?
*  NZ’s first professional opera performance
*  New Zealand’s first Ombudsman
Names and dates, people and places, they vanish in the slipstream of daily life. But in this section [...]

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